Art of Fantasy, Fairie, and Myth
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About the Artist:

Mickie Mueller grew up beneath the great mountains and the desert sky of Albuquerque, New Mexico.   They aptly call it "The Land of Enchantment."  She was exposed to art all her life, both of her parents’ were prominent artists and craftspeople in the area, and she was influenced by many of the great artists of the Southwest, all friends of the family.  In her late teens, she moved with her family to the green rolling hills of Missouri were she now lives and makes her home and studio. Mickie began working as a freelance artist in 1983, showing her award winning art in local galleries, and her work appearing in newspaper ads, and CD/cassette covers for local bands.  She even worked for awhile as a computer colorist for comic book companies like Marvel, D.C. and Dark Horse to name a few. 

By the mid 1990’s, Mickie was moving away from creating other peoples visions and began nurturing her own signature fantasy art style as she began creating images from her heart and imagination.  She began delving into the magical world that she saw in all places of nature, finding fairies, nature spirits, and Goddesses living in the trees and forests.  She developed special techniques like adding magical herbs to her paint (see tutorial) to further make her art spiritual and magical. She began offering her prints at local events, comic book shops and boutiques, Several years later she made her internet debut, her work appearing on several popular websites right along side several of some of today’s biggest names in fantasy and fairy art, all of them during the first blossoming of their careers. Shortly thereafter, she began her own first website.  Family obligations and the work of running the New Age / Metaphysical shop she opened with her husband Dan brought on a hiatus from her Internet presence, but her portfolio expanded and her name grew locally in art galleries, and appearing at special events in the New Age/Metaphysical communities.  Their shop closed and Mickie returned to the Internet and splashed back into the worldwide scene shortly after getting her first big publishing job with Llewellyn.

Today Mickie has a growing business with her magical fantasy art.  Her work has been seen in magazines and books internationally, including a school textbook in Norway.  Her prints are sold in catalogues and on the Internet all over the world. She has two critically acclaimed divination decks published by Llewellyn, The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path.  Mickie’s third deck comes out in 2011 and is her first deck that she created on her own, concept, writing, and art.  The Voice of the Trees, A Celtic Ogham Oracle is based on the rich and fantastic Celtic history, myths and legends and the Ogham system of letters used in 4th-6th century.

In addition to her work appearing in print, she has an ever expanding line of Sterling Silver Jewelry with Peter Stone, and a growing Statuary line with Sacred Source, both companies are leaders and visionaries in their fields.  In addition to limited edition and open edition prints, she also offers handmade gifts and jewelry in her Etsy store.  With her husband Dan taking on the duties of business manager, order logistics, researcher, and customer support, (and especially artist encouragement) The Mickie Mueller Collection is growing even more.  The future of the collection includes gifts like coffee mugs, tote bags, t-shirts, home décor items, and even more in the coming year.  Dans tireless contribution and commitment to the business end of The Mickie Mueller Collection also allows Mickie to focus on visiting the magical worlds of her imagination and creating detailed portraits of myth and legend. 

In addition to their teamwork in The Mickie Mueller Collection, Mickie and Dan are also the proud parents of two grown daughters; Brittany, a popular Vintage Fashionista and Chelsea, a pop artist and poet, and an 11 year old son Tristan, an aspiring stop-animation film maker.  They are also the grandparents of Olivia toddler extrodinarre, and Rhys accomplished walker and fabulous happy face maker.

Mickie's thoughts on creating fantasy art:

“I decided to make my dreams reality, drawing upon the magic that I grew up with, singing to inchworms with my mother and watching nature create miracles in the sun and under the moon. I love researching the legends of fairies, Goddesses, nature spirits, folklore and history.  I feel these themes are a part of us all on a deeper level, so when I have an opportunity to reach into that realm and bring something back, it’s an honor and I feel that I have a certain responsibility to do it with respect to these powerful entities.  When I work on a piece, these beings speak with me, and when someone else sees it, and loves it, they get to be a part of that fantastic realm where anything and everything is possible too, and bring that energy into their lives.”

-Mickie Mueller
Step into Mickie's magical world...
Photos by Brittany Sherman