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Feedback for our shop and products:

greenhavensoaps says:
Wow. This print is stunning in person! I actually use a notebook binder for my Book of Shadows, and I tucked this into the clear plastic outer-cover of it. So now it is the first thing I see when I pick up my BOS. Simply lovely! :)
I can't wait for the divination deck to hit the store shelves!

whitewingdove says:
This is one of my favorites, I love this print and was very happy to be able to purchase it. I recommend this Seller Very Highly!!! Excellent art and very quick shipping. I also have the silver pendant of the Lunar Eclipse...Love it!!!!!

jennydog says:
Gorgeous, magical and truly wonderful!! Mickie you are an amazing magical artist. Your (scrying) mirror is extraordinary! I have been so very pleased with all of your beautiful things in my home. Thank you so very much. I will treasure your amazing scrying mirror. Bright blessings and much happiness to you friend! I am sure I will be back soon! :-)

Disclaimer: Owning Mickie Muellers magical artwork may bring the energies of fairies, spiritual guides and magic into your life!
Click the image to the left for more info about how to order a signed copy of Mickie's new "Voice of the Trees, A Celtic Divination Oracle" deck!  We also have lovely custom hand pressed satin art bags available (pictured here) the perfect compliment to the deck.

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