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Fairies and Nature Spirits
Beings of Myth and Legend
Art of Fantasy, Fairie, and Myth
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"Rhiannon""Bridget of the Hearth""Cernunnos in Repose""Garnet Dragon""Crystal Dragon""The Goddess Ostara""Lugh the Long Arm""The Moon Goddess""The Maiden Huntress""Blessings of the Triple Goddess""Lunar Eclipse""Solar Eclipse"
"The Alchemist"
Alchemists believed they could positively transform both spirit and metals. They also applied spiritual aspects to different metals. This ancient art was both magick and science brought together towards one goal, spiritual and earthly perfection.
Sorcerers and Wizardkind
Celtic Tree Fairy Series: "The Rowan Tree Fairy"  For protectionCeltic Tree Fairy Series: "Apple Tree Fairy" for healingCeltic Tree Fairy Series: "The Oak Tree Fairy" for prosperity Celtic Tree Fairy Series: "The Heather Fairy"  For love"Autumn Masque""Fairie Guide""The Greenman""Heal the Earth""Mother and Child of the Fae""Flight of the Pumpkin Fairy""Dryad Spirit""Violet Fairy""A Winters Feast""Aziza Fairy Queen"  There is a fairy tribe that lives in Africa called the Aziza. They are helpful fairies, blessing hunters with good luck, and passing on practical knowledge and spiritual wisdom to the people. They live in the forests near Dahomey in west AfricaThis is the fairy that scatters ice across the land while we sleep. She blows ice in your keyhole and on the steps, but she also paints it in beautiful patterns on the window and ices the edges of leaves. She is just doing her job after all, can she help it if she she enjoys it with such relish?"Steampunk Fairy" During the turn of the century, "paper moon" photos became very popular. This Steampunk Fairy, and I decided to take the inspiration from that old tradition with a new twist!"Tatianas New Dress"  Included in the Enchanted Visions Project.  The queen of the fae tries on her lovely new spring frock for the first time. The model for this piece was from  Lisajen-stock on deviantArt, with many thanks for her beautiful inspiring photography!
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Children of the Night
Angelic Beings
Tatianas New Dress (left) was modeled from a photo from