Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Mickie and her art.   Please review this page before contacting us, but if you don’t find the answer to your question here, you may email or

Ordering Questions:
Q: I am ready to buy, what are my options for placing an order?
A:  We currently sell our prints and handmade gifts through the beautiful Etsy crafting community but will be adding a shopping cart to my website very soon, as time permits.  You'll find the link at the left under Printt and Gift Shop.  You may pay by credit card or Paypal through Etsy’s secure site. And, we never share your information with anyone under any circumstances!  If you are outside the U.S. please email us with your full address to get the shipping costs and allow extra time for delivery. Contact

Q. I own a online store or “brick and mortar” store, do you offer wholesale pricing?
A: Yes!  If you are interested in wholesale purchases of Mickie’s art or other products, send a request to and we’ll email you ordering information and prices.

Q: How will my items arrive?
A: All Mickie’s prints come safely packaged in acid free crystal clear bags with acid free backing boards.  On the limited edition prints, there is a print out of the artist’s bio and a story about the artwork behind each piece.  We ship individual print orders to your home via USPS Priority Mail in a sturdy chipboard envelope to prevent folding.  Large wholesale orders are carefully boxed in a sturdy corrugate carton.  Gifts will be packed according to the Etsy description. Be assured that we try to repurpose packing material, (bubble wrap, tissue, etc.) whenever we can for environmental reasons.

Q. What is a Limited Edition Print vs an Open Edition Print?
Limited edition prints are an edition of identical prints, numbered sequentially and hand signed and numbered, having a stated limit to the number in the edition. Mickies limited editions are all 11x17 or 11x14 and limited to 300 prints.  Once the limit is reached, Limited Edition prints cannot be printed again in the same format. This maintains the exclusivity of the limited edition and the fixed number gives the edition it's rarity and appeal.  An open edition print is a print line that is not limited by the number that may be reproduced.  Mickies open edition prints are 8 ½ x 11 and are of the same beautiful quality as her limited edition prints.  They fit nicely into a document frame for easy display.

Q.Where can I buy a piece of Mickie’s original artwork?
A.Mickie doesn’t currently offer her originals for sale, but you can get limited edition prints and a growing variety of merchandise with her artwork.  If this ever changes, you will find it available on this website.

Q. Can I commission Mickie to do an original for me?
A. Due to Mickie’s hectic schedule at her full time graphic arts job, family demands, writing, publishing projects, and creating what her muse inspires, she does not have the time to take commissions at this time. 

Q. How long until I get my order?
A. Once you've ordered via credit card or paypal, you should plan on a 2-3 day lead time for us to process your payment, make your items and prepare them to ship.   We ship Priority mail, and you will receive notification and a tracking number as soon as your package leaves the studio.  For Wholesale orders, please allow 1 week for processing, and we will send you a UPS ground tracking number as soon as it leaves the studio.

Q. Do you ship to Canada or Overseas?
A. Yes, we do ship internationally to most countries.  We ship all Canadian orders and International orders via the USPS Global Priority Mail.  duties, taxes, and customs fees are your responsibility and will be charged to you by the post office upon delivery.  Obviously, you'll need to allow for more time in transit for international and Canadian deliveries, as we have no control over how long your customs office will hold the package for inspection.

Q. Will my print look just like what I see on your website?
A. The images on the website don’t do the prints justice!  The art on the website is low res and designed for web use, not for quality printing, you will also notice a watermark on the web art designed to protect Mickies images from illegal use, which will not appear on your print. These prints are beautiful color, very high quality high resolution images.

Q. I've seen a print on another website by Mickie that isn't available here.  Why is that?
A. Mickie’s full size 11x17 or 11x14 prints are currently hand signed limited edition print runs of 300.  She has sold some of those wholesale to online and brick and morter shops.  Once that print run is complete, Mickie will no longer print any more of them, but they may still be available through sources that have purchased them from us.  If you are in doubt, feel free to “convo” Mickie on Etsy, or email if you don’t see a print in her shop that you want, and she’ll upload it if it’s currently available

Art Usage Questions

We have received lots of questions about how people can use Mickie’s art.  If after you look over the following you are still unsure, please feel free to contact us at: or

Q.  Can I use Mickie’s art for on-line graphics, e-cards, MySpace page layouts, my blog or not-for-profit website etc.
A. Yes, you may use Mickie’s art on your website, or to make myspace page layouts, graphics and tags, website about fairies or blog about a Goddess, etc.  as long as you are not making any profit from the usage.   If you wish to use Mickie’s art for non commercial online use, it must have a notice (art by Mickie Mueller) and link provide back to us here at so people know where to find Mickie if they like her work.  Please assist us in protecting Mickie’s (and other artist’s ) hard work by respecting all copyrights and following the usage policy guidelines.  Also, please drop us an email, we love to see what your web usage looks like! 

Q. Can I print Mickie’s art from an internet source and create a product using that image?
A. No.  You may not use Mickie's art on any product that is for sale in any way, unless you have a signed contract with her, with an agreed upon royalty rate.  Mickie and her staff at The Mickie Mueller Collection reserve the right to deny any licensing requests at their sole discretion.  If you wish to discuss a licensing contract with us, please feel free to e-mail us at: with the details of your project.

Q.If I buy a print or other item can I use it in my own product or reproduce it?
A. Sorry, but no. All of Mickie's images or items using Mickie’s images are sold in a specific form. Modifying and reselling them in another form is not legal. The term for this is "derivative works right" or "modification right". Only the artist has the right to modify the creation. This no-modification also applies to the purchase of an original work; the artist still retains full ownership over reproduction, etc. An item may legally be resold if in its original, non-modified form. This law protects the artist's ability to present his/her art as they intend, commercially or non-commercially.
Just a few real-life examples:  Art can’t be scanned and made into book of shadows pages, prints can't be stuck to the cover of a journal; tarot cards or post cards can’t be glued to jewelry boxes, stickers can't be used to create your own line of custom Mickie Mueller buttons, etc. (thanks to ebay such examples could go on for pages). The above examples are against modification right and are not legal to produce, and especially, sell. Prints can only be resold as prints, tarot cards as tarot cards, post cards as postcards, and so on, you get the idea. Each item may be sold as they were originally intended.

Q:.My company is interested in licensing Mickie’s art for  products that we reproduce.
A.We may be interested in some licensing, please feel free to contact with your proposal so that we may discuss further plans for licensing with your company.

Q. I saw Mickie's art being used and I'm not sure it's approved by her, what should I do?
A. If you feel you've seen Mickie's art being misused, please let us know by e-mailing us at:, preferably with a link to the alleged infringement.  We often are alerted to illegal products being offered on eBay, improper usage of Mickie's images on the web and more.  We appreciate everyone who takes the time to let us know about this so we can handle it appropriately. 
The staff at The Mickie Mueller Collection is dedicated to stopping copyright infringement wherever we find it, whether Mickie’s art or one of her fellow artists.

Q. Can I use Mickie’s images or information about Mickie for a school project?
A. Yes, Mickie's images can be used for school projects as long as credit is present showing Mickie Mueller as the original artist and it is noted that any images used are copyrighted by Mickie Mueller.  Unfortunatly,  she doesn't have time for personal interviews, but we have included a detailed biography on the About the Artist page.  Also, there are several interviews and articles available on the internet you can use for reference, just google Mickie Mueller.    Feel free to use whatever information is there for your project!

Q. One of Mickie's pieces is perfect for my business logo, may I purchase rights to use it?
A. Yes we charge a one time fee of $50 for the use of  Mickie's art as a logo.  This right is non-exclusive, and you should be aware that others may purchase that same image for use as their logo.  This fee use includes your use on letterheads, web site, print ads, business cards, but does not include creation of merchandise using the art. Mickie is not taking commissions, so you must choose from existing images in her galleries.If you're interested in discussing rights to use art for a logo, e-mail us at:

Q: My band wants to use one of Mickie’s pieces for our CD or Cassette cover, may we purchase the right to do this?
A: Yes, Mickie spent years creating art for bands, loves music, and supports unsigned bands.  We charge a one time fee of $75 for the use of Mickie's art for a unsigned bands CD or Cassette cover art. This right is non-exclusive.  Contact us for more info on the contract, high res image, and usage. Be aware CD or cassette cover usage does not include using the art on a product for sale like t-shirts, buttons etc.  That falls under licensing and would need to be negotiated separately.  Also, the grant of usage for a CD or Cassette cover is non-exclusive, and you should be aware that others may purchase that same image for use as their CD or cassette in the future.  At this time, Mickie is not taking on commissions, so you must choose from existing images in her galleries. If you're ready to discuss your CD or Cassette cover , e-mail us at:

Q: We run a convention/fair/festival.  Will you be our guest?
A: I am sometimes available to travel to cons, fairs or festivals to do appearances, but I do have limited days open per year, so interested parties should book early.  I require my travel expenses to be covered by stores or events that are more than 150 miles from my residence.  I will only book engagements with reputable storeowners or festival organizers, not through outside agents.  All details must be in writing and signed at least 30 days before the event.
In the past I have presented workshops and lectures on the following topics:  Magical Body Art, Reiki healing, Pagan Chants, Family Wheel of the Year Altar, Creating and Using a Healing Altar, Creating Magical Artwork, The Art of the Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path, Exploring Celtic Totem Animals, Celtic Tree Calendar.

Q:Are you on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter?
A: Mickie is currently on Facebook, but not on Twitter or MySpace.  Her busy schedule only allows her to keep up with one networking application; she needs time to keep creating art!  Check out her profile and send her a Facebook friend invite, it’s one of the best ways to keep up with what’s new.