Have you always wanted to seee yourself portrayed as your favorite God or Goddess, fairy, gaming character, tarot card, or a perhaps a portrait in your favorite ritual robes with magic flowing all around you?  

Good news for you, Mickie Mueller is now taking a very limited number of commissions.

What do you need to start?  first of all, a high resoultion photo of yourself.  This can be taken with any camera and does not need to be a professional photo, but does need to be very clear with good lighting.  She will also have an in depth discussion with you both via email and on the phone to discuss the details of the piece.  During which pose, color, feel, and even your choice of the herbs added to the magical wash will be discussed.  

The minimum for a 11 x 14 original piece is $400.00 depending upon the details, difficulty and time involved in producing the piece.  Each piece is rendered in full color using watercolor and Berol Prismacolor colored pencils on Crescent illustration board, with the same quality of art that you see on her website. 1/2 non-refundable deposit before the art is begun, and the remainder due upon completion of artwork.  

Mickie will show you a sketch for you to approve before beginning and then email you a minimum of 2 photos of the progress as she works for your feedback.  

When you're done you will have an original one of a kind Mickie Mueller magical portrait to display in your home.

Caution-  You may find your friends envious of your new found glamour.

Please note: copyright remains with the artist at all times, however, your original art will not be distributed in print or online in promotional material without specific permission.  

Mickie is pleased to offer you signed giclee prints of your commissioned original art for purchase at a discount, these can make great gifts!

Are you ready or have more questions?  
drop Mickie a line

Freelance Art

If you're looking for an illustrator for your book, product, card game, RPG, CD Cover, look no further.

Click the link below for more information on Mickie Muellers freelance work at

Custom Tattoo Flash Art

Mickie is always honored if someone wants to make her art into a premenant tattoo, ad she get lots of requests for custom tattoo flash designs.  

Mickie Mueller is now taking a limited number of tattoo flash art commissions.  Email Mickie first and check availability for service.  Mickie will provide an initial sketch via email, and then two versions of your tattoo design.  One is complete with line art and full color for your tattoo artist to use as a guide, the other is just the black and white line art, you take both to your tattoo artist.  The black and white will be used to transfer the design onto your skin and the color one will serve as a guide for your tattoo artist to work from.  

Depending on size and complexity Mickies custom flash designs start at $40.00, she can usually do up to a 5 x 7 size for that $40.00 minimum.  Your completed flash art will be sent to you in an email attachment of 2 jpg images that you can print yourself and take to your tattoo artist.  Your custom tattoo flash is all one of a kind and will not be reproduced for other clients, it's yours and yours alone.

Are you ready or have more questions?  
drop Mickie a line