Art of Fantasy, Fairie, and Myth

Greetings from my old wooden art table!

We hope you enjoy your visit in my galleries of myth, and legend.  Fairy folk and ancient goddesses dwell in this realm.  nature spirits bless your travels through these galleries, for you have heard the voices of antiquity coming up through the ages, and they have lead you here.

Disclaimer: Mickie Muellers art is created using washes of magical herbs, owning her magical artwork may bring the energies of fairies, spiritual guides and magic into your life!

All artwork & content copyright Mickie Mueller & The Mickie Mueller Collection.  Removal or reproduction is infrigemennt of copyright law.  Art from this website may not be used on the internet without specific permission from the artist, a credit next to the art and a link to this website. 
Mickie is a proud contributing artist to the Enchanted Visions project! Enchanted Visions Project is a creative endevor that fellow fantasy artists Jessica Galbreth and Amy Brown embarked upon.  They both agreed upon a title/theme for a new piece of art and then each created their own vision based on that title.  Artist Coriander Shea Detwiler joined in, and organised a group so that other artists can contribute as well.  

We are very excited to have been chosen to contribute, expect Mickie's first contribution at the beginning of December 2010!

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Shown: Voice of the Trees Gift Pack 
We have a limited supply of Voice of the Trees decks in the studio, you can order one directly from us and have Mickie sign it.  
We also offer the Voice of the Trees Gift Pack!
We add a satin art bag to keep your cards in, we press the images add ribbon and beads to these bags right in the studio!  Click here for more info!
Mickie is now offering her popular class in an online version!  
Working with the Celtic tree calendar is a very peaceful and magical way to align with natural energies of the earth and specifically trees.  My approach to the Celtic Tree Calendar as a working model for a year of magic is based upon the tree calendar as it was first suggested by Robert Graves as a modern inspiration based upon the ancient trees.   For more info click here!